The Love Handles

Love handles are a nice way to say to indicate the ‘ fat accumulated on the flanks, which leads to the formation of those so hated folds of the skin that can be seen under the clothes, especially if adherents. With advancing age, it is easy for them to form, but they are also present among the younger people. What to do to eliminate them and above all prevent them?

Note that the disappearance of these accumulations of fat not only improves aesthetics, but it is also very important for our health because “we are what we eat ” – as the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach says – and the better you eat and the more you own organism benefits from it in the long run.

The right lifestyle and targeted exercises to get rid of the annoying extra pounds on the hips and flatten the belly.

Health Hazards

On a physiological level, what happens? There are two types of fat: subcutaneous fat, defined as surface fat and visceral or active fat, which is store around vital organs such as the pancreas, liver, and intestines.

The more dangerous of the two types of fat is visceral because being ‘active’ it leads to production. As shown by scientific studies – of various hormones and molecules that generate inflammation. In this way, real diseases can arise, such as type 2 diabetes, breast or colon cancer, heart disease, or Alzheimer’s.

To enjoy good health, therefore, you must certainly fight visceral fat, without underestimating subcutaneous fat!

What To Eat?

What To Eat For Love Handles

The following foods are recommended to flatten the belly and eliminate the love handles:

Eggs, characterized by high protein content and a good mix of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, capable of providing the right energy to the body and speeding up the metabolism;

Spinach, which thanks to the presence of a compound called thylakoid has long digestion, slowing down the bites of hunger;

Avocado, which with its fibers and over 20 types of minerals and vitamins keeps the digestive system active, preventing constipation and helping to fight blood sugar spikes;

Whole wheat, which with its content of fibers and essential minerals increases the sense of satiety, regulates digestion, helps to go to the bathroom, to keep cholesterol and blood pressure levels low, and to fight some types of cancer. The best whole grain products are whole wheat flour, rye, rice integral, oats, bulgur, wheat buckwheat, and quinoa ;

Oat flakes, which also is rich in fiber, keep satiety levels high and help stabilize blood sugar levels;

The beans, excellent for reducing abdominal fat thanks to their protein and fibrous content with a low-calorie content;

Blueberries, rich in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, with low-calorie content and 83% water;

Almonds, an excellent snack with many proteins, fibers, vitamins, and antioxidants; if consumed regularly twice a week, they would reduce the risk of heart disease;

Lemons, to be taken in the form of lemonade or simply with hot water in the morning to start the digestive system;

Green tea, ideal for speeding up the metabolism and increasing the body’s energy expenditure.

How To Eliminate The Love Handles?

The cardio exercises are very useful for disposing of the excess fat and should be practiced regularly 2- 3 times a week for an average of 40-45 minutes each time.

They include walking fast, the race, the moving treadmill, the bike, the bike, the spinning, and the ‘ aerobics. After exercise, the body will continue to burn calories even at rest or during sleep.

Stretching exercises to tone and redefine the muscles are fundamental.

Even yoga can help to shape the muscles and to correct certain defects of posture, where many others fail disciplines.

Exercises Against Love Handles

What exercises to choose to redefine your body, eliminating fat on the hips?

Side bends: bend the torso sideways, starting standing with the legs spread without ever flexing the back and sliding the arms along the legs – 3 sets of 20 per side.

Lateral stretches: exercise mirror of the previous one, but done with the arms upwards – 3 sets of 20 per side.

Rotations: lying on the carpet rotate the torso first on one side and then on the other – 3 sets of 20 per side.

Front abdominals: the classic crunches – 3 sets of 15. – Side abdominals: lying down, flex the right hand on the left knee and vice versa, raising the back so as not to contracture the neck – 3 sets of 15.

Frequency: 3 times a week.

The Pills Against Handles Of Love

In addition to proper nutrition, in order to keep the body weight under control or to be able to lose a few pounds. Especially in critical points such as the hips, it is also essential to lead a healthy life. So no consumption of junk and fatty foods, no meals outside the standard hours. Instead of yes to regular physical activity, to 2 liters of water per day, and to be happy. Stress must also be kept under control because it deeply affects our bodies.

What happens in this regard? When stressed, the body activates the so-called stress hormones, catecholamines and cortisol, which have the effect of increasing attention, cardiac output and demolishing energy reserves to supply glucose to muscles and brain (they raise glucose levels accordingly).

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